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This blog is about our journey in creating passive income streams, being frugal, and living optimalistically—all for the purpose of having the freedom to raise our ideal family. I feel that there are so many people out there that feel trapped—they are stuck living an unfulfilled, commercially-sedated life. They are programmed by the media and advertisements to live a lifestyle of consumerism, where the flashiest and newest gadgets bring the most happiness, and where both parents have to work full-time (or overtime) in order to provide the best for their kids. I'm here to set you free from this constructed lie. Things don't bring happiness. Kids don't need the latest iPad, the newest mini-van, or the fanciest summer camps. What they really need are loving parents who have the time to be there for them.

So maybe you don't have kids. Why should you care about this blog? Well, I believe there are three stages to FamVesting:

Stage 1 is the growth stage. This is where you learn to become your own person. It is where you develop who you are and become the best possible version of yourself for your future spouse and family.

Stage 2 is where you enter into a committed relationship and really test yourself as an individual. You begin sharing your life with another person and cherishing that person. This individual will have grown up with a completely different set of parents, and is likely to have a completely different world view, with different priorities and a different way of accepting love. This is where the work you've done in Stage 1 will either make or break you. Your relationship will thrive if you have crafted your individual character and if you go into your relationship wanting to unselfishly pour out everything you have to your mate.

Stage 3 is when things really get interesting. Once you have shared in the giving and receiving of love, you come together to create something truly remarkable - you create life. You go from two to a family. And now instead of giving and receiving love, you are purely giving love 100% of the time. You are investing all of your being into your family.

Our Journey

This blog is our journey towards discovering how to best invest in our families and how in doing so, we can achieve true and lasting happiness. We will show you how to create a culture of strong families that will become the key to peace in the world, and how each FamVestor will be the foundation for that peaceful world.

So how are we investing in our family? My wife quit her job as an elementary art teacher so that she could be there for our son. But how can you survive in this economy with one income? Don’t you know how expensive kids are!? Because my wife and I were raised in a frugal household, we know how to be smart with our money. More importantly, though, we also know that the best things in life are usually free.

Hiking, bike riding, board gaming, and camping are just a few of many low-cost, wholesome activities that we enjoy. These activities cost us next to nothing and bring us closer to nature, making us healthier and happier human beings. We find these activities to be a much better alternative to movies, theme-parks, and tourist-traps.


With college tuitions continuing to rise, we understand that parents today face serious concerns. For that reason we are here not only to discuss ways to work on your defensive finances (by saving, budgeting, and lowering your expenses), but also to increase your offensive finances (by increasing your paycheck, having side businesses, and creating passive income). You can do all of this without sacrificing time from your family. The key is to create passive income streams.

I've had many jobs in my life. When I was six years old I would go to work with my dad, a salesman, and demo his magic, color-changing markers. I have also been: a caddie, a driveway-shoveler, a lawn-mower, a dishwasher, a custodian, a cashier, a car-flipper, and a machinist! Today, I am a Mechanical Engineer working for the Department of Defense. Each of my previous jobs required me to work hour for dollar—which is not the smartest way to use your time! That’s why I wised up and began to invest in passive income streams.


My first step to freedom involved investing in real estate. In October of 2015, my wife and I bought our first piece of real estate - a Four Family Home which we owner-occupied. We receive monthly rental checks from three of the units. This covers all of our expenses and allows us to essentially live for free. Our gross rental checks, which total $4400 every month, equate almost dollar for dollar with my wife's former teaching salary. We plan to buy another similar property soon. In the meantime, we've been diving into other passive income streams. We've recently discovered Amazon FBA(Fulfilled by Amazon), which gives us the opportunity to run a business through Amazon’s shipment centers. We began selling pacifiers a few months ago, and are already selling about 500 a month. The best part is that Amazon does all the work for us.

So are you ready to join us as we discover and unveil our true destinies to become FamVestors?


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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