Who is Sunny Burns?

The Blog is about our Journey in creating Passive Income Streams, Being Frugal, and Living Optimalistically all for the purpose of having the freedom to raise our ideal family. I feel that there are so many people out there that feel trapped... they are stuck living a unfulfilled, commercially-sedated life... They are programmed by the media and advertisements into living this lifestyle of consumerism; where the flashiest lifestyle and the newest gadgets bring the most happiness, and where both Parents half to work full time - overtime, in order to provide the best for their kids... We'll I'm here to set you free from this constructed lie. Things don't bring happiness. Kids don't need the latest ipad, the newest mini-van, fancy summer camps. What they really need are loving parents who are there for them.

So maybe you don't have kids. Why should you care about this blog? Well I believe there are three stages to FamVesting.