How to Adhere a Pop Bobblehead to your Car Dashboard

After dealing with this issue for nearly two years I finally have a non-permanent solution that works. 3M VHB tape! It’s very high bond foam tape, the same exact tape they use for GoPro mounting. I mean isn’t that what a bobblehead is meant for? To bobble its head while your driving your car – not sure why POP! doesn’t build this feature in.

Previously I’ve tried:

  • Hot Glue
  • Sticky Tack
  • Double Sided Tape

all with only marginal success, a week or two and then it would fail. Usually with temperature changes they would fail.

So far its been a couple months and its still working fine.


Step by Step Instructions
Step 1: Use dish soap to clean the area you plan to apply the bobble head. Note: Window cleaner may leave a residue.


Step 2: Wipe down with water.


Step 3: Allow to dry.


Step 4: If there are recesses, slowly start to build them up with the foam tape. You want the attaching surface to be as uniform as possible with the most surface area as possible.


Step 5: Press down the Bobblehead firmly for at least 30 seconds Enjoy!