Vailen Venture Vlog: Our Youtube Story

I initially conceived of the idea of this Vlog, when I was riding my bicycle around town with my son, Vailen. We were riding back home from the park, when my Wife called, and I decided to put her on facetime. Seeing the two of us on the screen of my iphone, I became inspired by the visual appeal it had. This was at the same time I was just starting to create the FamVestor Blog, and I thought it would be a great way to market the Blog and be another medium to spread the FamVestor Message. I shared the idea with a friend, while I was still thinking to call it BabyBicycleBlog… I’m glad she stepped in and thought up the name VailenVentureVlog. It was off the cuff for her, but brilliant and the name stuck. Kudos to Clara.

You can view our channel here, but I wanted to go over the general format of the vlog. Each episode will have a theme, and have general prepared outline. To make things not too time intensive for me, my plan is to write a in depth blogpost, and then speak to it on a Vlog Episode while its fresh in my mind.

The majority of episodes will be Vailen and I on a bike, there will be a camera facing us, and a camera facing out on Vailen’s helmet, showing his point of view. I thought it would be interesting to see what a baby pays attention to, and also thought it would be a good way to capture interesting footage that could be in front of us. Both video feeds will be displayed on youtube simultaneously,  the majority of the time, the camera looking at us will be the large screen, but if there are highlights from Vailen’s camera I will switch it.

Why Should I watch the VLOG?

  • The VLOG’s Co-Host is my Son, Vailen; and he just happens to be the cutest baby in the world. Fact, not a biased opinion.
  • You will learn about personal finance, and how to become financially independent.
  • You will see cool new places. We love to travel and go on adventures.
  • You will learn about Optimalism, and that true freedom and happiness is not found in things or wealth, but in people and experiences.
  • You can watch the progression of a baby into a fully grown bigger toddler baby.
  • It will teach you things, that you never even knew that you should know.

What is the Vlog rated?

For the most part, the Vlog will be rated G, although at some points there could be some partial nudity; Vailen is known as the Diaper-Houdini. All jokes aside though, it should be fairly kid friendly, although this will definitely be geared towards an adult audience. If there ever is any questionable material, I will definitely give a clear parental advisory note.

I don’t have Kids, why should I watch this?

Here at FamVestor, our mission is to get people to Invest in their Families. This investment does not begin when you have a family, but well before. We will teach valuable life skills and principles that will enable you to have the resources to optimally invest into your family. We will teach you how to gain freedom and financial independence by the creation of passive income. We will show you how to develop a solid foundation for yourself and a great relationship with your spouse.


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