FamVestor is Live!

The date is 7/16/16 and this is the very first post. This blog evolved from a blog I started back in 2014 called MetalHorseProperties back when I was first starting to look into Real Estate Investing… Then changed to FamilyFreedomREI when we were expecting our first baby in 2015… And now in 2016 we’ve arrived at FamVestor

I want this site to be a very practical and informative resource that people can use as a stepping stone to greatness. Right now in my life I am very focused on creating financial independence, and aggressively seeking passive income streams. So the majority of my topics will relate to finance. But in general this site is about investing in the family, so we will be covering a lot more than just finances.

I want to talk about the New American Dream… the American Dream was originally a grand and beautiful idea – a dream where everyone had the ability to improve their lot in life and had a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness – this dream I  resonate with. But recently the American Dream has shifted, its been compromised buy overabundance and consumerism. Their is this emphasis on always needing more; people buy things just to buy things. Herbert Hoover once promised that in America there would be “a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage.” This was once seen as the pinnacle of prosperity, where all your basic human needs were met and a little extra.

A little extra is no longer enough… we want more; we want that top of the line brand new right off the showfloor room BMW; we need it because we know if we have it, our neighbors will think we AmericanDreamCartoon2are someone, we’ll be somebody and we’ll be happy. Buying that 5 bedroom, 3 bath house will make me happy. Oh and if I only had a little more money… to buy that 2nd vacation home then I would be truely happy…. but you know what the sad thing is?… You can buy all these things, and no you don’t have to work hard and save and save to afford all these things… you can have it tomorrow; all you have to do is enslave yourself – just sign your name on a piece of paper, and you trade a little of your life for that BMW. Who cares that you’ll only be able to take it to the same 65mph that a corolla will handle comfortably; you are in a sportscar – a status symbol of success. So what, if you now have to take on a second job to pay that car payment on top of the house payment and credit card bill – now you are happy. But wait… you’re not really happy – theirs a newer cooler BMW that just came out, if I only had that one then I would be happy. And on and on it goes, chasing material desires – growing further and further in debt; only to find in the end that all you are working for, all that you have enslaved your life to is working to pay off the interest on your car, on your house, your consumer debt, your student loans. You are a programmed slave, brainwashed by ADs to be the fuel to the corporate machine.


Break Free…


Live with less. Realize that the Materialistic World painted in ADs are not real. Money does not bring happiness; do not be a slave to money. Instead use Money as a tool to create a lifestyle filled with people you cherish and experiences you will never forget.

Well that took a tangent, I was not expecting… but welcome to the site. I hope your life is enriched and better for it.
Timeline of Acheivements

  • 07/16/16 Famvestor goes live
  • 11/15/16 First 10 Blogposts
  • 01/04/17 Interviewed on the BiggerPockets podcast 
  • 01/08/17 Vailen Venture Vlog Ep1 Released

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