Goals of the Blog and Vlog

I have a lot of plans for the Blog and Vlog. I hope that it can be a valuable resource for people who want to better themselves and improve their lives. From a young age, I have felt a longing to help others, but I learned early on that help is not always useful or appreciated unless it comes from a skilled individual. This may sound egotistic and high-minded, but a lot of what I have done to work on myself has been in order to be more effective at helping others. That being said, thus far in my life, I have often been quite stingy with the help I offer. I like to help people efficiently. For instance, if I can transform someone’s life simply by sending a link or an email, I will gladly do that. A lot of times, though, I am hesitant to help people the way they truly want it—one on one, hour for hour. Perhaps this is a fault that I should work on. For right now, though, I feel my time is too precious to dole out as I please. My priority is to make sure that I’m there for my wife, and that I am there for Vailen and my future kids. This is where the blog comes in…

I live a truly rich and happy life. I want to share that with others, so that they may experience the same happiness that I have with my family each and every day. I am hoping I can document our journey well enough for others to learn and prosper from it.

Tangible Goals for the Blog/Vlog

  • Coin a Term… As you may have guessed, I am a huge BiggerPockets fan. I love how Brandon Turner coined the well-known acronym BRRR. I’m not sure what my term will be, but right now I am liking the sound of the word Optimalist. It is a play on minimalist… Argh! I just googled it – and it’s taken! Oh well, I’ll come up with something else.
  • Interview Dan Norris on the Vlog… I first stumbled upon Dan Norris a couple years ago, and was truly inspired by his ability to stay true to who he was even after amassing overwhelming wealth and fortune.
  • Interview Josh and Brandon from Biggerpockets on the Vlog… I think it would be really fun to interview the both of them, with their kids on bikes.
  • Create a Viral Video… I want a video of Vailen to go viral. Maybe I should call my vlog the ViralVailenVlog instead of the VailenVentureVlog. Recently I told my wife (after having a random sensational thought) that we should record a video of Vailen pooping onto a hot frying pan – that would go viral. For some reason, she doesn’t seem so enthusiastic about the idea.
  • Shift the overwhelming sentiment that Kids have to be Expensive… This is a poisonous idea that has infiltrated our society, and it is the reason that when I take my son to the playground, the other parents are all in their 40’s. It is a shame that many people miss out on parenting during their best and healthiest years. This is also a major contributor to the increasing autism rates.
  • Create something like the Ice Bucket Challenge… I want to create something like the ice bucket challenge that would promote loving marriages and strong families.

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